Ballad From Tibet - Tianlai Mengxiang (2017)

Ballad From Tibet - Tianlai Mengxiang (2017)

Adventure , Drama , Family , Medical | 1 hr. 24 min

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A group of Tibetan kids embarking on an odyssey, each for a different reason.

Based on a true story, Ballad from Tibet demonstrates how strong determination and perseverance can help to overcome obstacles. Refusing to be limited by their visual impairments or confined to the roles that have been prescribed to them, friends Thupten, Sonam, Kelsang, Droma dream of performing on a famous reality-TV show. The friends make contact with the producer of the show, who agrees to let them perform if they can make their way from Gyangzê to Shenzhen — a distance typically traveled by plane. Because Thupten is the only one who retains partial eyesight, he acts as their guide through the mountainous terrain, but they all must work together if they are going to arrive in time to be on the show. Facing numerous challenges along the way, the friends demonstrate the strength of character as they set out to prove they are more capable than people give them credit.
(Source: Toronto International Film Festival)


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Ballad From Tibet - Tianlai Mengxiang (2017)