Go Brother! - Take My Brother Away (2018)

Go Brother! - Take My Brother Away (2018)

Comedy , Family , Fantasy | 1 hr. 55 min

4.6 719 10 0


The movie is a live-action manga adaptation of the same title. It is about the daily interactions between an annoyed younger sister and her irresponsible, prankster big brother. Shi Miao wishes everyday that that her brother would just disappear from her life. Then one day, her wish comes true and he becomes her best friend's brother. While she pities her best friend's fate, she is ecstatic by the turn of event and thoroughly enjoys being a single child. As she watches Shi Fen go about his days hanging out with his friends and pulling pranks, she discovers a secret he has been carrying...

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Go Brother! - Take My Brother Away (2018)