Kularb TUD Petch - Rose Cuts Diamond (2016)

Kularb TUD Petch - Rose Cuts Diamond (2016)

Action , Romance , Drama | 11 Ep

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Roses and diamonds are the most beautiful. Which may not be possible to find a comparison. But the beauty of these can be both valuable and toxic effects. In the event that the user is too full of magic and Tanganyika or cat thief or thieves, worlds sized diamond with white roses. Top diamond theft ideology. Suppliers stolen diamonds to detect traces of murdering his parents and benefactors. Since much of the diamond, the legendary goddess can cure illness young and immortal, because he wants to harness the power of it. It is a source of hunting and killing. But not everyone is ready to take a risk, cat eyes, diamonds, and white roses with the same goal of finding the murderer and sanctions Alsace. The enemy became a darling together as true love.