Last Hero in China - Claws of Steel (1993)

Last Hero in China - Claws of Steel (1993)

Action , Comedy , History | 1 hr. 48 min

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This is a comic digression from the "Once Upon a Time in China" series. Jet Li again plays Master Wong. He is down on his luck, and so moves to Hong Kong to open a school in a run-down neighborhood. The austere and dignified Master Wong tries to protect his randy students from the corrupting influence of the brothel next-door, while investigating a gang of perverted Shaolin monks who have been abducting young women. In one great fighting scene, Master Wong is so disdainful of a convict with whom he is fighting that he refuses to stand up from his chair to defend himself. A hilarious and fun movie.

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Last Hero in China - Claws of Steel (1993)